Our Heroes Saved over $17,616 in 2018

In 2018 we were honored to give back over $17,616 to 6 different Heroes including military, firefighters, health care providers, and teachers.

That’s an average of over $2,900 in savings per Hero!  

Earl Werthiem saved $5,221.00

Al & Cheryl Foice saved $2,231.25

Ryan & Jessica White saved $2,987.00

Chelsea Goodrich & Troy Labombard saved $2,289.35

Arthur Pare saved $3,118.75

Joseph Jacobs saved $1,668.75

My goal is to (at least) double the number of Heroes we help save on their home sales and/or purchases in 2019. So, if you are a Hero who is thinking of selling or buying a home this year – and would like to save a lot of money doing so – contact us today.

Get all the details here.



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